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In 2011, Carbonstop has developed China's first carbon management software --- CAMP: Carbon Accounting and Management Platform

"CAMP" is the software that can provide enterprises with carbon emissions accounting, carbon emission analysis and management services. By using the software, the user will be able to clearly understand the status of their carbon emissions and develop their emission reduction strategy.  


CAMP is a software platform which can provide the enterprises with carbon management solutions in terms of calculating, analyzing, managing and reporting the carbon emissions. This platform strictly complies with the worldwide accepted standard: ISO-14064.Using CAMP brings the following benefits:

Ø International/national recognized emission factors-from IPCC, national data.

Ø Access anywhere in the world, no need to install any software.

Ø System Initial settings --- The system has set the fundamental data sources, such as emission factors, GWPs, heat values.

Ø Automatically Calculation – user only need to enter the figure for the activity data, the system will calculate the CO2e. 

Ø Powerful Analysis Function – analyze the carbon emissions by scopes, sources, adding filters, and show the data in table/bar chart/pie chart.

Ø PDF Template – CAMP provides carbon report template, allow user edit the template and export it, for carbon disclosure. 

Ø Multi-language version – applied for users around the world.