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China's National Games aim to achieve carbon neutrality

  • Date: 2021-09-16
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China's 14th National Games, which opened on Wednesday night, are expected to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality throughout the 13-day schedule of events, its organizers said.

For the first time in National Games history, China has proposed the goal of carbon neutrality in sports as it advocates green development.

An estimated 200,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will be produced during this year's National Games, scheduled for September 15-27, which will be neutralized through emission reduction, carbon sink and the purchase of Chinese Certified Emission Reductions.

A total of 8,198 industrial sources, 5,207 dust sources, 43,600 mobile sources and 45,000 food and catering sources will be included in the list for air quality control during the Games.

China aims to reach a carbon peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality nationwide by 2060.

"Carbon neutrality" means using afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction to offset greenhouse gas emissions, realizing a relative "zero emission."



Date:September 16, 2021