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Intl. Trade in Services Fair: Smart, low-carbon construction trends at CIFITS

  • Date: 2021-09-06
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From 2022 Winter Olympic venues to the very infrastructure for this year's international service trade fair, construction and engineering have gone greener and smarter, as participants at the trade in services fair show Beijing's determination to meet its low-carbon goals. CGTN's Sun Ye has this report. 

Perhaps nowhere else in the Chinese capital can better demonstrate Beijing's commitment and drive to go green than here.

The Shougang Park is a former steel-making complex that has been turned into a champion of a green lifestyle. 

It's a park now, turning its workshops into conference-rooms and show rooms, as it now hosts the international service trade fair.

YU HUA Design Director of Beijing Shougang Construction & Investment "If you look at the CIFITS exhibition halls, they are part of our green, low-carbon, reusable efforts. We can dismantle these steel exhibition halls for reuse too. And we also have other areas outdoors, built green, so there's no need for air conditioning."

The park will also feature in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

And companies at the fair are also showcasing how the Games venues' will be smart, multi-functional, and energy saving, including plans to convert the Water Cube, into the Ice Cube.

YANG XIAOYI China State Construction Engineering Corporation NO.1 Bureau "This plan not only would change water to ice, but would allow the venue to also quickly transform into a convention center. Our solution ensures a fast transition between three different functions, as quick as 15 days time."

The company is also showing how tech has made the center sensitive, even caring: it keeps temperatures at minus 8.5 Celcius on the ice surface, but a stable 16 to 18 degrees for spectators. 

Also on show new raw materials that going to the roads and highways to the Olympic venues.

So what remains of the steel factory, including the rust and the pipes, remind us that they are really a thing of the past.


Author:Sun Ye

Date:September 6, 2021