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China's Green Commitment: New white paper on sustainable energy released

  • Date: 2020-12-22
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China has released a white paper on energy development looking at the growth of the country's energy industry in regards to green, open, and shared development. Our reporter Dong Xue takes a closer look. 

Putting people first! With a new white paper, Beijing says it upholds its commitment to energy development for the people, by the people, answerable only to the people. Titled "Energy in China's New Era" the document lays out a new strategy consisting of four reforms and one area of cooperation.

To improve the energy consumption structure by containing unnecessary consumption, to build a more diversified energy supply structure, to improve energy technologies to upgrade the industry, and to optimize the energy system for faster growth of the sector.

ZHANG JIANHUA Director General National Energy Administration "Low-carbon energy development is accelerating worldwide, leading to new challenges in energy security. China will uphold the principle of openness and inclusiveness, to promote mutually beneficial energy cooperation."

Over the last half century, China's large manufacturing-based economy has primarily been fueled by coal. Since 2012, the annual production of raw coal has ranged between 3.41 and 3.97 billion tons. Green energy plays a significant role in terms of carbon intensity.

ZHANG JIANHUA Director General National Energy Administration "China's carbon intensity in 2019 dropped by 18.1 percent, achieving ahead of schedule, the target of reducing carbon emission intensity by 40-45 percent, which was set in 2015."

From 2013 to 2019, China's energy consumption per unit of GDP has decreased by 24.4%, saving more than 1.2 billion tons of standard coal, equivalent to a reduction of 2.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, meaning it was only necessary for an annual energy consumption growth rate of 2.8% to support 7% of GDP.

DONG XUE Beijing "Decades of rapid economic growth have dramatically expanded China's energy needs. It's now the world's largest energy consumer, producer and consumer of coal, and carbon dioxide emitter meaning as China's role changes, it will continue to have a big impact on global sustainability.


Author:Dong Xue

Date:December 22, 2020