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Ningxia launches assessment of climate effects of urban water environment ecosystem

  • Date: 2019-02-28
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Recently, under the support of the scientific research project team of the Science and Technology Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, “Research on and Evaluation of the Climate Effects of Ningxia Plain Lake Wetlands and the Impact of Climate Change on Lake Wetland Water Supply”, the Ningxia Meteorological Department and the Autonomous Region Wetland Office, Area of lakes and wetlands and continuous improvement of the ecological environment, actively evaluate the climate effects of Yinchuan ’s urban water environment ecosphere, study the regulating effects of major water bodies around Yinchuan on climate, and objectively and quantitatively assess the climate generated by lakes and wetlands effect.
Studies have shown that the area and depth of water bodies are important factors influencing microclimate effects. The larger the area of water bodies, the greater the impact on the environment. Within the study area, before the restoration of lake wetlands, many sporadic wetlands showed large-area connected shapes after restoration. After the restoration, the vegetation coverage around the wetland was significantly improved; the heat parameters around the lake wetland were significantly lower than other surface features. The lake wetland played a significant role in cooling the local climate, improved the local microclimate environment, and had a certain effect on the urban heat island. Slowing effect.
In addition, analysis of the temperature and relative humidity of the Yinchuan City Meteorological Station and the standardized comparison weather station in recent years found that with the acceleration of the urbanization process of Yinchuan City, the annual average temperature in the city has increased significantly, especially since the beginning of this century. 15 years (2001-2015) increased by 0.8 ° C, the rate of increase accelerated, in which the annual average minimum temperature rise rate was significantly higher than the annual average maximum temperature rise rate, resulting in a decrease in the annual difference in urban temperature, a reduction in coldness in winter, and a human body The comfort of temperature is enhanced; on the other hand, the annual average air relative humidity in Yinchuan City decreases at a rate of 1.9% per 10 years. The effect of lake wetlands on increasing urban air relative humidity is much less than the impact of urbanization on air relative humidity decline. The trend of urban aridization still exists. It is still necessary to strengthen the construction of urban ecological environment, expand the coverage of green land and lake wetlands, and slow down urban drought caused by climate warming and urbanization.

Source:China meteorological news

Date:Feb 28, 2019