CarbonStop was invited to participate in the carbon market capacity building training seminar hosted by Jiangxi development and reform commission

  • Date: 2017-09-15

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To further implement the related requirement of “Jiangxi province in 13th Five-year the work plan for controlling greenhouse gas emissions program”, promote green low-carbon development, explore and innovate the new market mechanism of carbon trading and to encourage the construction of ecological civilization in Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi development and reform commission convened a carbon market capacity building training seminar in Jinggangshan city on 14th September. Carbonstop was invited to participate in the seminar and share the theme of “carbon footprint of products and carbon disclosure” to all participating guests.

Content of this seminar includes the national carbon trading policy and institution construction, mechanism and experience sharing of Tanpuhui formation, Internet and green low-carbon development, creation of zero-carbon emission demonstration area, products carbon footprint and enterprise carbon disclosure and the regional carbon emissions peak road mapping. Participants include director of Jiangxi energy bureau, division chief of Jiangxi development and reform commission, deputy director of the national center for strategic research and international cooperation center, researcher of national development and reform commission, director of Guangdong Tanpuhui innovation and development center, deputy dean of ant finance service group research institute, vice president of Jiangxi carbon trading center, deputy director of the energy research institute of Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, and other delegates of domestic leading carbon service providers.


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