Luhui Yan participated in COP24 UN Climate Change Conference

  • Date: 2018-12-17

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On the evening of December 15, local time, the twenty-fourth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which lasted 15 days, was successfully concluded in Katowice, Poland. For the sixth time, the founder of Carbonstop, Luhui Yan, was invited to participate in the climate conference and participated in the panel discussion of the China Business Climate Action (CBCA) side event in “China Corner”, discussing the prospects and cooperation of Chinese enterprises' climate action with entrepreneurs. This side event was jointly initiated by 21 leading organizations including Vanke Foundation, SEE Foundation and C Team to lead and support companies to act in response to climate change and contribute solutions to addressing climate change.

The 200 Parties completed the negotiation of the Paris rulebook under the principle of “common but differentiated responsibility” and “Respective capabilities”, and adopted a package of agreements, mainly involving transparency framework, establishing a new climate fund related process after 2025, how to implement the 2023 global inventory mechanism, how to assess the progress of technology development and transfer.
“We have been working on this package for three years. When we have to deal with positions of almost 200 Parties, it is not easy to find an agreement concerning a multi-aspect and technical deal. Under these circumstances, each step forward was a great achievement. And I thank you for that. We can be proud of ourselves” said the COP24 President Michał Kurtyka during the plenary session concluding the summit. “Our common efforts didn’t consist solely of producing texts or defending national interests. We were conscious of our responsibility to people and commitment for the fate of Earth, which is our home and the home of future generations who will come after us” he added. The next COP will be held in Chile next year.

It is reported that the Chinese government delegation set up the "China Corner" during the conference and held 25 climate change side events covering low carbon development, carbon market, renewable energy, South-South cooperation, etc. Xie Zhenhua, head of the China Climate Change Negotiation Group and special representative of China's climate change affairs, said: "The success of the Katowice Conference is a victory for multilateralism and a victory for building a community of human destiny." Carbonstop will continue to provide professional carbon consulting services, quantify the carbon footprint of products, strive to promote sustainable development, and actively respond to climate change in the future.

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