Carbonstop Won the Best Design Proposal in “Low Carbon Big Ideas” Design Proposal Competition in 2018

  • Date: 2019-01-11

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On the afternoon of January 11, the summary meeting of citizen low carbon actions, “Low Carbon Big Ideas” and “Leaders in Energy Efficiency” commendation meeting were jointly held in Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction center of Shanghai.

Zhou Qiang, deputy director of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Wang Hao, chairman of Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Center, members of Shanghai Municipal Low Carbon Action Promotion Group, representatives of energy conservation department from relevant industry, winners of “Low Carbon Big Ideas” design proposal competition and winners of “Leaders in Energy Efficiency” participated the meeting. Carbonstop won the Best design proposal of “Low Carbon Big Idea” and received certificate from Zhou Qiang, deputy director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

In 2018, the “Low Carbon Big Ideas” design proposal competition started from October 16 to November 30 though the official wechat platform of “Citizen Low Carbon Actions in Shanghai”.

Before November 30, this competition had received 25 proposals. 13 of them are related to the theme one (Low Carbon Lifestyle in “Clothes, Food, Accommodation, Transport and Consumption”); 9 of them are related to theme two (Package Recycling) and 3 of them are related to theme three (Low Carbon Map of Shanghai).

Before December 10, the commission conducted a preliminary review of all submitted proposals. 18 proposals were chosen to next stage and required to present on site.

On December 18 and 19, 13 experts from related government department. NGOs and corporations conducted the second review of 18 proposals regarding to the theme one, theme two and theme three respectively. The criterion includes innovation, rationality, validity, feasibility and sustainability.

In the presentation and review stage, experts and presenters discussed potential problems about the innovation, expenditure, operability and future application. Experts also offer constructive suggestions to make the proposals become more practical.

Based on the presentation and expert’s opinion, the commission awarded these honors as follows: 2 “Best Proposal”, 3 “Best innovation”, 3 “Great Potential for Application and Promotion” and 5 “Outstanding Participation”.