Carbonstop contributed to Baidu Map "Small Farm"

  • Date: 2019-09-25

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Carbonstop contributed to Baidu Map "Small Farm" to quantify the carbon emission reductions from green transportation.

Recently, Beijing's first bicycle special road has been officially start to use for more than 100 days. In order to provide users with accurate and convenient riding guidelines, Baidu maps have collected data for the first time and presented vivid and intuitive maps on the map. "Recently, Baidu Map has launched 19 Shenzhen “Boutique Green Roads”. At the same time, it has once again launched the “small farms” public welfare activities, and continues to use technology to help “green travel”.

The first phase of “Small Farm” was launched for the first time in 2018. It has been well received and selected for “China's Information Technology Public Welfare Development White Paper V3.0”. It aims to plant water-saving millet through netizens and non-profit organizations to support SEE. The SEE groundwater protection project aims to alleviate the desertification crisis.

From the first phase of the event to the present, more than 6 million users have participated in the public welfare activities of the small farms. The total number of green travels has exceeded 70 million, reducing carbon emissions by about 30,807 tons (provided by “carbon barrier”. Data accounting support). The amount of water-saving millet is up to one million kilograms, which is equivalent to retaining millions of tons of water for desertification areas in the northwest, and this data is constantly rising every day.