Carbonstop provided green meeting services for "National Class A Tourism Scenic Quality Improvement Training"

  • Date: 2019-10-21

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19 October 2019, the first national class A tourism scenic quality improvement Training was successfully held in Shaanxi Province.Nearly 200 people from scenic spots across the country jointly discussed high-quality development of tourist attractions.This training course was hosted by the Central Academy of Culture, Tourism Management and Xingbo Tourism (Beijing) Cultural Development Center, supported by the Shaanxi Tourism Scenic Area Association, Yunnan Tourism Scenic Area Association. The Deputy Dean of the Central Institute of Culture and Tourism Management Juan Lu and members of the Management Committee of Huashan Scenic Spot Zhang Yongjiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Nowadays, low-carbon tourism, ecological tourism and green lifestyle is common recognition and development direction of this industry, "low-carbon tourism and carbon neutral" is a new course of this training. Carbonstop has calculated the whole carbon emissions of this meeting, including transportation, accommodation food and commodities. The result  shows that total carbon emissions reached 68.82t carbon dioxide equivalent. Xingbolv fund the China Green Carbon Foundation to achieve carbon neutral by planting carbon sink forest in Sichuan.