Baidu and Carbonstop jointly organize 2020 Baidu ESG seminar

  • Date: 2020-01-07

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January 6, 2020, the 2020 Baidu ESG carbon management seminar was hosted by Carbonstp in Beijing. Formor national project officer of UNEP, Nanqing Jiang, was invited to share the international and domestic low carbon policies, and Jiao Yue, vice president and Secretary General of Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association, to share the one day less driving project in Beijing. In addition, Luhui Yan, the founder of Carbonstop, stressed the importance of carbon management innovation for corporation. Carbonstop consultant team discussed the Baidu carbon management practice, Baidu Map carbon management and Baidu Investor relationship and 2020 low-carbon plan.

Jian Lu,Secretary General of Baidu foundation, made a speech at the meeting, summarizing Baidu's work and achievements in ESG, especially in the field of carbon emissions in the past year.

Nanqing Jiang, mainly introduced the low-carbon sustainable development, including driving force and resource efficiency of environmental change, pressure of current environment and resources in china, environmental governance, new tendency and policies.

Yue Jiao share the whole process of the "less driving one day a week " project, including background, operation, promoting, achievement and so on. Besides, he used examples and data to illustrate that how a digital platform contributes to Beijing Blue.

Luhui Yan presented the current situation of carbon trade market and gave advice to corporation about sustainable development.

Jiajia Guo presented the Baidu carbon management case, including the carbon accounting process, carbon emission reduction situation and the results of the low-carbon measures.

Yukun talked about climate change, GHG emissions, and the update of Baidu Map carbon emission reduction. Also, she shared the experience of COP 25.

Mingkai Li,  stressed the importance of ESG report for investors and analyzed the Baidu ESG report. Meanwhile, he gave the 2020 low-carbon plan for Baidu as suggestions.

In the final stage, all participants discussed about ESG/ environment governance and carbon management.