Carbonstop won the Carbon Label Pioneer Award

  • Date: 2020-01-11

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January 9, 2019, the 2020 Carbon Label Annual Meeting and award ceremony jointly hosted by China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance (CLIIA), China Electronic Energy――Saving Technology Association(CEESTA) and China Low-Carbon Economy Promotion Association(CLCEPA) was held in Beijing, University of International Business and Economics. Carbonstop was rewarded the Carbon Label Pioneer Award. Luhui Yan, the founder of Carbonstop, gave a keynote speech, introducing carbon footprint, carbon label and announced the latest product of Carbonstop-- Ccloud, a LCA carbon emission accounting tool.

The annual meeting focused on climate change, carbon footprint, carbon labeling, carbon neutral, low-carbon agricultural development and other hot topics of in-depth discussions, interpretation of green development policies, build a platform for or enterprises and governments . The convening of the annual meeting is very suitable for the current china's economic and social development mode, the internal requirements of the adjustment structure and the world trend of green low-carbon development, is to promote the popularization of energy-saving low-carbon advanced technology, promote the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry is an important exploration.