Luhui Yan was awarded as 2019 Social Innovator (Environment) TOP10

  • Date: 2020-01-12

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On January 11, 2020, the 2019 TOP10 list of social innovators was officially released, with 70 social innovators selected in seven major fields. The 2019 TOP10 list covers seven areas: education, environment, disability, health care, rural development, science and technology, and social innovators under the age of 30. Carbonstop founder Luhui Yan was awarded the 2019 Social Innovator (Environment) TOP10.

What kind of people are social innovators?

Based on the values of fairness, justice and equality, they are determined to serve the public.
They have an insight into the public needs of the society and look for the internal identification of the meaning of their lives.
They are free and heavy-duty, they are not satisfied with the status quo, but they can understand the status quo and seek social innovation.
They are curious about new knowledge, new technology and new methods, and use new thinking and innovative methods to solve social problems.
They are bold in thinking and careful in proving. They are full of ideals and down-to-earth. With their creativity, they make their dreams bloom and seek to build a better world.

《Social innovator》 is a fellow, companion and facilitator of social innovators. In the past two years, as reported by 《social innovators》, many social innovators and their institutions have gained more resources such as communication, donation, influence investment, and multi-party cooperation, which are stable and far-reaching.