Carbonstop got excellent grades for clients in CDP 2019

  • Date: 2020-02-05

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The CDP 2019 project started from May 2019, Carbonstop continued to provide carbon management service in CDP project for clients. The services include annual carbon emission calculation, emission targets, climate change risks and opportunities identification and supply chain questionnaire reply. Additionally, Carbonstop provides services in water security part. The resultes are pretty good this year, all the clients got at least B, and some got A-.

Over 8,000 companies filled the questionnaire in 2019, and 178 got A in climate change, 71 got A in water security and 8got A in Forest.

The CDP invites major companies to fill out CDP design questionnaires each year to disclose corporate greenhouse gas emissions and disclose strategies to address climate-related risks and opportunities. Carbonstop has provided consulting support for CDP supply chain companies for many years and helped customers achieved outstanding results.