Carbonstop contributed to sustainable consumption mini-game "the story between you and the earth in 2030 "

  • Date: 2020-02-11

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Recently, a game named "the story between you and earth in 2030" became popular in the Wechat. Based in the game, users need to answer questions to choose what product is sustainable to them. Consumers are shifted to designers to understand what is their expectations on sustainable products. This game includes different industry and fields, such as product design, clothing brand management and restaurant management. Basically, whole supply chain has been involved in the game, such as material choose, production, packaging and operation. The game was designed by  SynTao and CCFA,and Carbonstop provided data support on carbon emission part.

If you go to 2030, the earth become worse because endless pollutions. What can you do? What will you do? A manager of fancy restaurant or a green personal housekeeper? 

Your choice will make a difference.

The United Nations announced 17 SDGs in 2015, calling for actions to solve  social, economic and environmental problems. Everyone can make an effort by consumption behavior and good choice in their career.

As a consumer, responsible consumption is positive for the world.

As a employee, every small action towards sustainability can ease the problem of climate change and degradation of the environment.  

This game gives you chance to try the "green" professional career.

Scan the QR code and start you new career!