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Make the ubiquitous carbon digital -the carbon emission factor database

  • Date: 2021-01-29
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It's an amazing tool, where every product in life has a carbon footprint.

Unveil the carbon emission factor database with numbers:


"1". Industry No.1: China's first carbon emission factor database

Among the methods for calculating carbon footprint, the simplest and most accessible method is the IPCC method. After knowing the emission factor, the carbon emission can be directly calculated by using the formula "carbon emission = activity data x emission factor". However, due to the differences in production process, regional distribution and technical level, there are emission factor data of the whole network in addition to the emission factor data released by IPCC, and various countries and industries also have their own emission factor data to calculate carbon emissions.

In order to let more industries and enterprises understand carbon emission and implement carbon emission reduction, carbon emission factor database emerged.


"2". Wide coverage: The database covers more than 200 countries 


"3". Convenient retrieval: mass data are screened from three categories: year, country and industry

Because there are so many different regions, versions and standards of data, when searching the same thing we may get a lot of different data.

Under the Filter button, we can retrieve massive data from three categories of "year", "country" and "industry", so that the most appropriate data can be found at the fastest speed.



"4". Unit details: key data are marked from four dimensions

The units of key data will be labeled from different dimensions, such as CO2 equivalent, CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide, so that users can use them on demand.



"5". Three-dimensional presentation: Data is presented in five levels

Take the iPhone XR as an example, the data are presented in five levels: name (iPhone XR), remarks (64GB), data value (68), source (Apple official website (2019) -- product carbon footprint), unit (KGCO2E).


"6". Widely praised: universities, research institutes, companies, government agencies, NGOs, environmental activists 


There are six types of people who consult the database of carbon emission factors, including researchers from universities and research institutes, practitioners of low-carbon environmental protection from companies and government agencies, NGOs and environmentalists.


"7". The cornerstone of the company: the carbon emission factor database supports the carbon accounting projects of the seven major brands


Alibaba Project


Baidu Project

Jingdong Project



Microsoft Project


"8". Wide field: data covers 8 major industries

The figures include eight major sectors for carbon trading: electricity power, aviation, building materials, steel, petrochemicals, chemicals, nonferrous metals, paper, and other services industries.


"9". Rich data: more than 90,000 pieces of data 



CCloud integrates nearly 100,000 pieces of emission factor data accumulated over nine years of Carbonstop. Users can clearly view and use the data in the database, including the corresponding source, year and other additional information, which is convenient and fast. Ccloud is a carbon footprint assessment software launched by Carbonstop.It follows the life cycle concept and is designed in accordance with international common standards such as ISO and PAS, and covers the whole industry.


In addition to calculating the carbon footprint, the software also calculates how much carbon it can reduce under different conditions. According to the modularized operation, the user can calculate the carbon footprint or emission reduction of the product by selecting the stage, adding activity data and emission factors. Can query energy, raw materials, waste and other emission factors, and through the country, year and other information screening emission factor data. In addition, the user input destination and departure to query the transportation mileage; You can input product information, such as activity data, activity data sources, etc., to automatically generate the word version of the report compiled according to ISO standards.

Carbon emission factor data and Ccloud have gained the favor of more and more enterprises, including a lot of outsiders, Carbonstop welcomes the industry inside and outside the relevant people come to consult the carbon emission factor database information.

Scientific research institutions and public welfare organizations can enjoy free VIP service, enterprises welcome business consultation and cooperation negotiations.