2019 energy-saving monopoly game

2019 national energy-saving week started from 17 to 23 July, and the theme of this year is “prioritizing energy-saving in green development”. National energy conservation center and related organization jointly launched “energy-saving monopoly game”. It encouraged the public to learn energy conservation knowledge and gave electric appliance for the winners.

Carbonstop quantified carbon emission of Shanxi Int'l Import and Export Co., Ltd

In July 2019, entrusted by Shanxi International Import and Export Co., Ltd., Carbonstop calculated its carbon emission The aspects mainly concentrates on the emission of scope 1 and 2. According to ISO-14064 standard, the calculation focus on all the sources and stages to ensure that the information of the results can reliably and truly reflect the greenhouse gas emission situation of enterprises.

Carbonstop provided design and consulting services for "Lvrongbao" mini-program

on July 12 2019, Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform released the “Lvrongbao”, a comprehensive service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of energy conservation services. Carbonstop developed the platform for Beijing Association to Promote Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection. The platform aims to achieve smoothly connection within corporations, the government, banks and guarantee organizations,and meet the financing requirement of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Carbonstop funded by VANKE Foundation calculated carbon emission reductions of garbage sorting in Xishantingyuan

Carbonstop calculated carbon emission reductions of garbage sorting in Xishantingyuan, this project was funded by VANKE Foundation. Garbage sorting can effectively reduce amount of waste disposal, less land-use of landfill and pollutants of incineration. and also increase the use of recycled materials. Garbage sorting brings different waste treatment rather than simple sorting.

Carbonstop was elected as board member of first council of carbon label industry innovation alliance.

On August 10, 2019, the inaugural meeting of China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance, also the 2nd International Conference on Carbon Labels for Electrical and Electronic Products and the 1st International Forum on Carbon Labels for Products in Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, was held in Shenzhen. Carbonstop (Beijing) Tech Co., Ltd. was elected as the board member of the 1st Council of China Carbon Label Industry Innovation Alliance.

arbon footprint and carbon label group standards that Carbonstop drafted released recently.

On August 10, 2019, four group standards, including "Electrical and Electronic Products Carbon Footprint Assessment Part 2: Television", "Electrical and Electronic Products Carbon Footprint Assessment Part 3: Microcomputer", "Electrical and Electronic Products Carbon Footprint Assessment Part 4: Mobile Communication Handset", "Carbon Label Identification", were issued in Conference. Carbonstop participated the establishment of these four group standards.

Carbonstop calculated carbon emission reductions of Yiside Products.

In August 2019, Yiside invited Carbonstop to quantify the carbon emission reductions of their products. Nowadays, logistics develop rapidly. The total packages reached 50,000,000,000 in 2018 and delivery companies managed more than 140,000,000 per day in China. It is inevitable to deal with large amount of package materials and waste, which waste resources and pollute the environment. Update of package boxes is a good way to solve the problems and quantified emission reduction data can make the progress more accurate.

Carbonstop contributed to JD Logostics in carbon reduction calculation

From 20 to 22 September, a "distinct awareness factory" launched in Shanghai Global Harbor Shopping center, becoming a popular place in Shanghai. In the last month, the delivery men in JD Logistics convey the concept of environmental protection to customers by being the pioneer in garbage sorting. Besides, the one paper action, old clothes recycling and boxes reuse are examples of environmental conservation. Carbonstop help them with the calculation of low-carbon contribution.