Company News  /  Yan Luhui was invited to attend the Science and Technology Summit, and explored the path of carbon neutrality with many industry leaders

Yan Luhui was invited to attend the Science and Technology Summit, and explored the path of carbon neutrality with many industry leaders

  • Date: 2021-12-11
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The 2021 Science and Technology Summit hosted by and Technology will be held online from December 9 to 11, 2021. The theme of this science and Technology Summit is "Challenge and Change".

"Challenge and Change -- Science and Technology Summit 2021" is an annual grand event created by Science and Technology channel. The agenda is closely followed by the most cutting-edge topics in the field of science and technology, such as carbon neutrality, chips, AI and metaverse, as well as new consumption, and carefully planned "Technology, digital, Change, Towards carbon neutrality" and "core" breakthrough: "AI and the Metaverse: The Gateway to the Future?" And "insight into the new consumption: the new middle wind mouth" four forums.

On the first day of the "Technology, Digital, Change, Towards Carbon neutrality" forum, liang Jianzhang, Zhou Jinxiu, Du Juan, Wu Shichun, Li Liang, Yan Luhui and other 9 prominent guests discussed "Technology digital Change: Towards carbon neutrality". 

In the opening session of the speech, Gome Holding Group CEO Du Juan brought the theme of "gather strength, innovation and win-win future" speech; Liang Jianzhang, chairman of ctrip Group, shared his views on the aging population and the innovation vitality of China's overall industry; Wu Shichun, the founding partner of Plum Blossom Venture investment, offered his unique views on the existing problems of the new consumption track.

During the forum, Feng Li, founding partner of Phonak Capital, delivered a speech on how carbon neutrality drives technological innovation; Yang Lei, deputy dean of the Institute of Energy Studies at Peking University, shared his thoughts on carbon neutrality and the energy revolution. Zhou Jinxiu, Vice president of Hallo Travel, explained how each ride could contribute to "carbon neutral" development and promised that Hallo Travel would achieve net zero emissions by 2025.

Hillhouse founding partner Li Liang with a series of data points out that to achieve carbon neutrality, China must promote the entire manufacturing advanced manufacturing comprehensive upgrade, only by controlling the carbon trading, resource allocation is not enough, only on a large scale in technology, driven by new green technologies, set new standards for the industrial chain of each link, in order to gain a competitive edge in the age of zero carbon. In this sense, carbon neutrality is both an external constraint and the best development opportunity for "Made in China", says Mr Li.

Yan Luhui, founder and CEO of Carbonstop, gave a talk on the theme of "The Epic Golden Track" : The Path to Carbon Neutrality.

Yan Luhui, founder of Carbonstop, said that carbon neutrality is the infrastructure for future social development, and it has the potential to make all industries do it all over again just as the Internet made all industries do it all over again 20 years ago.

Every product has a carbon footprint. According to Yan Luhui, an iPhone produces an average of 80 kilograms of carbon emissions. You can imagine that an iPhone itself weighs less than 1 kilogram, but its carbon footprint will exceed 80 kilograms.

According to Yan luhui, many technology companies and consumer goods are promoting the development of carbon neutrality, such as KFC and oat milk. In fact, carbon reduction elements are slowly infiltrating into everyone's life. "Very few people are completely excluded from carbon neutrality, and I think it's creeping in and becoming increasingly relevant to everyone's daily life."

Similarly, many investment institutions are also carrying out their social responsibilities in the path of carbon neutrality. Such as hillhouse has announced a carbon neutral this year, and will become carbon neutral, this year and will be in 2025 institutions since its founding in 2005 history all carbon carbon neutral, also to be cast corporate partners issued the first "carbon neutral initiative", driving the development of everybody together to break the inertia, accelerate low carbon transformation.

"The Carbonstop is widely regarded as an epic gold track of 100 trillion. The total investment of carbon neutral track will reach over 130 trillion over the next 30 years. There are endless opportunities for each of us to add value to this golden track." Yan Luhui said.

The following is a transcript of Yan Luhui's speech:

Since China proposed the "2060 carbon neutral target" on September 22 last year, the whole track of carbon neutrality has been heating up. Many people put carbon neutral as an epic of associated gold circuit, as we like twenty years ago, the Internet would upset everyone's way of life, carbon neutral will become a new social infrastructure, affect our each and every enterprise, I want to share is the future of each enterprise, each individual carbon neutral. 

In 2015, the UN Climate Conference in Paris adopted the Paris Agreement, which requires all countries to make concerted efforts to address climate change and stop adding new carbon emissions to the earth. They have also put forward their own carbon neutrality targets. Most developed countries have set a target of carbon neutrality around 2050. Germany has raised its target to 2045, Finland to 2035, and most developing countries are still in the development stage. India has just set a target of carbon neutrality by 2070. China's goal of carbon neutrality is somewhere between a developed country and a developing country in general by 2060.

At the corporate level, according to incomplete statistics, more than 500 companies have come up with their own carbon neutral targets. Like, Google announced that in 2030, carbon neutral, Microsoft to realize negative emissions in 2030, it is not just carbon neutral, and negative emissions, and also is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of Microsoft in 2050, realize the historical carbon neutral, apple's target is also very ambitious, apple operating level of carbon emissions have become carbon neutral, Their goal is for all products to be carbon neutral by 2030, which means that all upstream suppliers need to join Apple in becoming carbon neutral, and these industry leaders play an important role in the overall process of carbon neutrality. 

Generally speaking, there are three driving forces for enterprises to participate in carbon management and carbon neutrality:

The first policy is driven by the fact that China's eight major industries have close to 10,000 key enterprises with carbon emissions. They are forced by the government to disclose carbon data every year and reduce carbon emissions.

The second is that the leading brand enterprises spontaneously carry out carbon management and propose carbon neutrality commitments in order to win the favor of consumers or stakeholders for their own brand competitiveness.

The third is that upstream suppliers are required by downstream brands to disclose their carbon emission data, which has become an important driving force for the global carbon neutrality goal. China now has dozens of this type of enterprise, in this aspect of the pressure or the power, before also has a Chinese supplier of enterprise, it is also in the aspect of carbon disclosure is required by the customer, for continuous improvement in carbon disclosure performance is very excellent, so in the second year also won the customer a new inspirational case close to 1 billion orders.

It is not easy for companies to achieve carbon management or carbon neutrality, but the first step companies can take is to understand the current status of our own carbon emissions. One of the core principles of carbon management is "no quantification, no management, no carbon quantification, no carbon neutrality".