Company News  /  Carbonstop helped "The Most Profitable mall" SKP become carbon neutral and the first carbon neutral retail mall in China

Carbonstop helped "The Most Profitable mall" SKP become carbon neutral and the first carbon neutral retail mall in China

  • Date: 2021-11-22
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Recently, Carbonstop completed the carbon accounting and carbon neutralization implementation of SKP, a top fashion department store, and issued a carbon neutralization certificate for it. Thus was born China's first carbon-neutral mall.

The news, caused the industry from all walks of life wide attention, dozens of mainstream media rushed to report, spread sound volume coverage of the entire network.


Carbon peak and carbon neutral has become a global consensus, and China has made the solemn commitment and overall plan of the "3060". To achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality is undoubtedly an extensive and profound systematic change, as well as a historical responsibility.

SKP has been the mall with the highest annual sales volume in Mainland China for eight consecutive years. In 2020, it created an annual sales volume of 17.7 billion yuan, surpassing Harrods for the first time, and completed the magnificent transformation from "China's store king" to "global store king".

After turning around, SKP began to realize the necessity of carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality in the industry, and began to actively explore a new low-carbon model for the industry. SKP is fully aware that carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a complex and systematic project. Only by actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility and taking joint actions with numerous partners to fully implement the requirements and objectives of the "dual carbon" goal, can we effectively cope with the crisis and challenges brought by climate change.

So how does Carbonstop help SKP achieve carbon neutrality and provide strong momentum for it to explore green and low-carbon development of retail industry?

Back in June, SKP signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Carbonstop. Based on the pioneering "CREOS" carbon neutral path and combined with its carbon management SaaS platform, Carbonstop provides Carbon emission accounting and carbon neutral path planning solutions for SKP, ultimately helping SKP complete carbon neutral and leading the new model of green and low-carbon development in the retail industry.

CREOS carbon neutral path:

1)To improve your carbon emission data management skills by building a professional team and using tools to calculate your carbon emissions, to know your carbon footprint, to find your core carbon reduction links and space;

2)Reducing: Identify technical solutions with significant emission reduction effects or great potential based on the business patterns of their own industries, so that they can transform passivity into initiative in the carbon neutral large-scale industry track;

3) Engaging: In addition to its own emission reduction, if there is an opportunity to drive stakeholders to participate in emission reduction actions, this is the real end of carbon neutrality for most industries;

4)Offsetting: unavoidable emissions can be offset through high-quality carbon reduction projects or carbon sink projects;

5)Spreading: Since carbon neutrality has become an established trend, sooner or later, it is better to act early and speak out early to win the best communication opportunity and brand influence.

From the business scene, to create a carbon neutral one-stop solution

No quantification, no management; No regulation, no carbon neutrality. Under this concept, Carbonstop help SKP to quantify carbon emissions in a professional and rigorous way.

At the same time, Carbonstop also provides SKP with scenario-centric emission reduction planning based on its insight into enterprise business scenarios. Carbonstop has developed a series of emission reduction plans and plans for office scenes, travel and commuting scenes, dining scenes and new projects, and has integrated low carbon into its corporate culture. With the help of Carbonstop, SKP has gradually explored a new model of carbon neutrality in retail industry that suits its own characteristics. 

We will encourage our partners to work together to create a green and low-carbon future

By virtue of its huge economic size (market share) and development speed in physical retail, as well as its huge influence in the fashion field, SKP passes more and more green and low-carbon intentions to brand partners.

While achieving its own carbon neutral, SKP is also struggling to dig, constantly absorbing more carbon neutral in carbon peak areas to actively explore the great partners, and constantly improve many partners by means of win-win whole process of green low carbon, for double and global climate governance to achieve the goal of carbon provide strong driving force. This coincides with the "Engaging" in "CREOS" proposed by Carbonstop.

In the future, SKP will further bring carbon peak carbon neutrality into the overall layout of the company, and take the road of high-quality development of ecological priority, green and low-carbon. It will continue to lead the global fashion and retail industry to make steady progress, and at the same time lead the industry to actively explore low-carbon practices. While fulfilling corporate social responsibility, it will drive more partners to accelerate the pace of carbon neutrality.


SKP is an important milestone in the practice of Carbonstop in the brick-and-mortar retail industry. Carbonstop will continue to bring the ultimate carbon management solutions to the retail industry, help drive the global fashion and retail industry to explore low-carbon practices, and actively promote the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality on schedule.


SKP is a high-end fashion department store brand under Beijing Hualian Group. Since its opening in 2007, SKP has become one of the most iconic fashion and luxury department stores in the world. In 2020, the sales volume of SKP, the main store of Beijing Huamao Center, reached 17.7 billion yuan, surpassing Harrods of Britain for the first time and becoming the most eye-catching physical department store in the world.