Company News  /  Carbonstop is invited to participate in the Forum on Low-Carbon and Sustainable Tourism Planning and Innovative Development and to help make the conference carbon neutral

Carbonstop is invited to participate in the Forum on Low-Carbon and Sustainable Tourism Planning and Innovative Development and to help make the conference carbon neutral

  • Date: 2020-10-23
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On October 21, 2020, Yan Luhui, CEO and Founder of Carbonstop was invited by MCM International Group to attend the Forum on Low-carbon and Sustainable Tourism Planning and Innovative Development held in Tianjin Water Memory Museum, and was awarded the "Greenleaf Leadership Award of Excellent" by MCM International Group.

Due to the increasing prominence of environmental problems in recent years, as well as the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the influence and attention of the world tourism industry in the field of ecological and environmental protection are increasing day by day. On October 21st, MCM International Group held a forum themed "Low-carbon and Sustainable Tourism" in Tianjin Water Memory Museum. Experts from the industry were invited to gather on the site to carry out cross-industry exchanges and jointly discuss the issues of finding the balance between low-carbon and economy, and dealing with the relationship between people and environment in eco-tourism.

The event began with a video from Mr. Michael C.Mitchel, President of MCM International Group, and a general review of MCM's low-carbon history by Ms. Zhang Le, President of MCM International Group China. Then, Mr. Francesco Matinata, MCM Group Design Director, gave a detailed introduction to MCM Group's low-carbon projects and low-carbon measures. For example, the Riley farm project led by MCM; Cooperate with Regen Network to develop regenerative agriculture projects; Collaborating with Carbonstop to develop tourism solutions and other projects to illustrate MCM's low-carbon efforts from different perspectives.


In the activity, experts in various fields, shared their understanding of the low carbon and sustainable tourism, from design, construction, operation, service to discuss the application of low carbon and sustainable development in tourism and prospect.

At the forum, Yan Luhui, CEO and founder of Carbonstop, introduced some well-known companies at home and abroad on how to reduce their carbon emissions, as well as their carbon neutral goals and visions.


Mr.Yan has demonstrated the efforts and innovations made by Carbonstop over the years for low carbon and sustainable development. 

Such as the carbon emission database developed by Carbonstop, carbon intelligence, with its five major functional modules, carbon footprint calculator, carbon emission factor database, big data quota calculator, carbon and carbon neutral information, it can help people who want to understand low carbon relevant data anytime and anywhere.

In terms of low-carbon tourism, Carbonstop has tailored carbon-neutral WeChat mini-program for South Ao Island and East Ao Island, which not only facilitates the travel of tourists, but also encourages tourists to travel low-carbon.

In terms of low-carbon hotels, carbon footprint quantified the carbon emission reduction of Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport Hotel, provided improvement suggestions, and promoted them to InterContinental Hotels Group.

In terms of low carbon, Carbonstop provided carbon accounting and carbon-neutral services for hangzhou marathons, 2020 world environment day riding, jiannanchun road trip to the South Pole, 2017vschneider electric innovation summit, UNLEASH Conference, l'oreal "Just say and go" tour anda series of other activities.

Finally, Mr. Yan shared his understanding of how to achieve low-carbon and sustainable development in the tourism industry from six aspects of "food, accommodation, travel, travel, shopping and entertainment", as well as some thoughts on the realization path.


In addition, the forum adopted the Green Meeting developed by Carbonstop. With the help of Carbonstop, the carbon emissions of transportation, accommodation, conference of attendees tea, meeting and electricity supplies were quantified. The total carbon emissions is 2 tons, and through the way of buying carbon sequestration, the forun was carbon neutral.

At the closing stage of the activity, Carbonstop was awarded the "Greenleaf Leadership Award of Excellent" by the forum. Carbonstop will continue to make efforts in low carbon in the future, and will strive to achieve the goal of "making every product have a carbon footprint".