Company News  /  Carbonstop was awarded ‘Excellent Partner’ in the 10th Anniversary of the China Green Carbon Foundation

Carbonstop was awarded ‘Excellent Partner’ in the 10th Anniversary of the China Green Carbon Foundation

  • Date: 2020-10-30
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On October 28, the launch ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the China Green Carbon Foundation was held in Longyou County, Zhejiang Province. At the event, the CGCF awarded the Carbonstop "Excellent Partner" medal and certificate. In recent years, Carbonstop and the CGCF have worked together to facilitate a number of carbon neutral conferences and events and worked together towards China's future carbon neutral goals. In the future, the two sides will also actively cooperate to achieve more carbon neutral events.

On October 28, the "Green China Tour -- Walking into the Beautiful Longyou and the 10th Anniversary of China Green Carbon Foundation" was officially launched in the scenic area of Liuchun Lake in Longyou County. From the national bureau of forestry and grassland, green activities organizing committee and China green carbon fund and all over the country who are interested in the green development gather Longyou, promote green water castle peak is the gold and silver concept, show the achievements of ecological civilization construction and CGFC’S remarkable achievement in response to climate change, to mobilize people together to promote the construction of beautiful China. The participating guests planted the ‘China Green Carbon Foundation 10th Anniversary Memorial Forest’.

Addressing climate change is an important way to promote ecological progress and high-quality economic development in China. It is an important area for China to participate in global governance and uphold multilateralism. It bears on the overall situation and future of China's development. High-quality development of forest and grassland industry is one of the fundamental means to deal with climate change. Forest and grassland industry plays a special role in coping with climate change. Developing forest and grassland industry is a strategic choice for coping with climate change. Strengthening the forestry and grassland industry's response to climate change is of great significance to achieving green growth and is a strategic need for China to achieve sustainable development. Thanks to long-term and sustained efforts, China has achieved both forest area and forest stock growth despite the global decline of forests, making an important contribution to tackling climate change. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the forestry and grassland industry in China has adopted a series of new measures and made remarkable achievements in the spirit of "clear waters and green mountains are gold and silver mountains" and in the goal of enriching the country and benefiting the people, holding high the banner of green development, adhering to reform and opening-up. In recent years, China's forestry and grassland industry has made solid progress in addressing climate change. The organization and management system for addressing climate change has been improved, the policy support system has been gradually improved, the technical standard system has taken shape, and the basic capacity building has been significantly enhanced. Through strict protection, vigorous afforestation and scientific management, forest resources have steadily increased and our ability to respond to climate change has steadily improved.