Company News  /  Carbonstop helps Hillhouse achieve carbon neutrality in 2021

Carbonstop helps Hillhouse achieve carbon neutrality in 2021

  • Date: 2021-06-05
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On this year's World Environment Day, Hillhouse announced its carbon neutrality goal: to achieve carbon neutrality of GHG emissions at the company's operational level by 2021, and total GHG emissions from hillhouse's historical operations since its inception(20 years)by 2025.

Carbonstop provides Hillhouse with carbon inventory service and comprehensive carbon neutrality technical support, including carbon inventory of Hillhouse's office and operation, setting scientific emission reduction targets, planning carbon reduction paths, and formulating carbon management plans for the group.

Carbonstop is also honored to discuss the low-carbon path of financial investment with Hillhouse this time, and also gain valuable experience and new understanding of low-carbon solutions for investment industry.

Based on the analysis of the companies proposing carbon neutrality and the recent cases they have worked with, the Carbonstop team has developed a principle for the goal of carbon neutrality: THE CREO Principle

1)To achieve carbon neutrality in any industry, the first step is always to quantify your emissions . Only after a clear understanding of the status of their carbon emissions and their position in the industry can they take targeted measures to reduce emissions and lay a foundation for carbon neutrality.

2)After determining their own carbon emissions, the first thing companies should do is to think about how to reduce emissions scientifically, rather than choosing to offset carbon neutrality. Disclose carbon emission information, formulate scientific carbon targets, and set realistic carbon emission reduction paths from the perspective of enterprises themselves, such as reducing energy consumption through technological innovation, adopting renewable energy, resource recycling and utilization, and choosing data center sites in areas rich in natural resources, etc.

3) Engaging: We should not only reduce emissions by ourselves, but also drive ecological partners to reduce emissions together. The financial investment industry should make better use of platform advantages and integrate resources to achieve carbon neutrality of the whole industry chain. It should not only manage its own carbon emissions, but also promote carbon neutrality of the invested enterprises.

4)Offsetting: This is the last step, when the enterprise has done all possible things, how to deal with the unavoidable carbon emissions? Offsetting! You can choose to plant trees or buy carbon credits to offset the inevitable carbon emissions, to achieve "zero emissions". There is a problem, those used for corporate carbon offsets reduction projects or carbon sink project in principle itself also will produce carbon emissions, the lifecycle emissions, such as photovoltaic (pv) and forest .We suggested that in the future carbon offsets project itself in the whole life cycle should achieve carbon neutral first .In this way, it is more scientific and reasonable.

Carbonstop is the first software and consulting solution provider focusing on carbon emission management in China. Founded in 2011 by Yan Luhui, a computer master from Oxford University, Carbonstop is a national high-tech enterprise. Up to now, it has served more than 1000 enterprises and institutions, including UN Environment Program, National Development and Reform Commission, Alibaba,, Baidu, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Schneider, IKEA, China Civil Aviation Group, China Building Materials Group, Hangzhou Marathon, Jiannan Spring Antarctic Tour, United Nations Climate Conference, etc. At the same time, Carbonstop is the formulation unit of China's relevant carbon emission standards, which is in a leading position in the industry.

By 2020, Carbonstop has reduced customers' carbon emissions by more than 100 million tons and indirectly influenced low-carbon behavior change of 800 million people through customers' products. Carbonstop will also push China to cut emissions by more than 1 billion tons over the next five years. In the future, we will firmly adhere to our original aspiration, create long-term value for customers and society, and become the most solid partner of Chinese enterprises on the road of carbon neutrality.