Company News  /  Carbonstop helps Adidas' Run For the Ocean to reduce carbon emissions

Carbonstop helps Adidas' Run For the Ocean to reduce carbon emissions

  • Date: 2021-06-21
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On World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, from 28 May to 8 June 2021, Adidas is launching the ‘Run For the Ocean’, which aims to encourage sports enthusiasts around the world to use running to help raise public awareness of Marine pollution and restore the purity of our oceans. Nearly 1000 runners in Beijing/Shanghai/Xiamen/Chengdu, running, environmental protection and plastic reduction, in order to create a cleaner Marine environment, restore a more free exercise space. Carbonstop calculates the carbon emission reduction for the environmental protection and plastic reduction activities of this activity. The emission reduction of this activity is 2.9 tons in total.

Adidas has been working on fully recyclable or biodegradable materials. The company aims to use only recycled polyester in all of its products from 2024, to become carbon neutral for its own business by 2025, and to become carbon neutral for its entire business by 2050. In addition, the company will step up its promotion of products made from sustainable materials, while launching a large-scale product recycling program.

In this year's campaign, Adidas will collect 10,000 kg of plastic waste for recycling at nearly 2,000 sites in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. These plastic bottles will be sorted, cleaned, sliced and woven into 12 professional processes, gradually transformed into particles, yarn, fabric, and finally a new look. Adidas is giving 5,000 "gifts from the ocean" -- also made from recycled plastic -- to consumers to thank them for their contribution to the planet. And the recycling process, Carbonstop for professional certification, about 2.9 tons of carbon emission reduction. Adidas is working with Chinese environmental brands to help China achieve carbon neutrality at an early date.