Carbonstop calculated carbon emissions for Cainiao’s Green Logistics Plan

Date: 2016-06-09
Key word :Cainiao

This May, Carbonstop was entrusted by Cainiao Network to exploit and quantify the next 5 years’ carbon emission reduction potentials from four aspects of logistical procedures, which are transportation, packaging, material recycling and utility of electronic express waybill. This will be inserted as a key emission reduction promise in Cainiao’s Green Logistics Plan and will be announced in the 2016 Global Smart Logistics Summit. A quantified emission reduction target will be a clear guide for Cainiao and its partners to realize sustainable development goal of logistics industry.

Carbonstop provided Greenmeeting service for CSEIF

Date: 2016-06-25
Key word :CSEIF

June 24th to 25th, China Social Enterprise and Investment Forum (CSEIF), which was co-initiated by Director of Narada Foundation, Yongguang Xu, and Founder of CanYou, Weining Zheng, 2016 annual meeting, was held in Beijing. Carbonstop was invited to develop Greenmeeting Wechat Platform and calculate meeting carbon emission. Participants were also encouraged to practice carbon neutralization to realize meeting zero emission.

Carbonstop Provided Greenmeeting services for the first National Economic and Technological Development Zone Green Development Forum and upgraded Eco-Teda Greenmeeting Wechat Platform

Date: 2016-08-23
Key word :Eco-Teda Greenmeeting Wechat Platform

August 20th, the first National Economic and Technological Development Zone Green Development Forum & the National Economic and Technological Development Zone Green Development Alliance launching ceremony was held in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area. Carbonstop provided Greenmeeting services for this forum and as the development partner of Eco-Teda Greenmeeting Wechat Platform, Carbonstop was also responsible for upgrading development (mainly meeting registration optimization and meeting schedule page optimization) of the Greenmeeting platform. The objective of this upgrading development was, on one hand, to cooperate with the forum, and to meet the increasing demand of Eco-Teda green meetings on the other hand, finally attracting more people into green meeting action.

Carbonstop develops Greenmeeting Wechat platform for Shenzhen Emission Exchange

Date: 2016-08-29
Key word :Shenzhen Emission Exchange

This middle July, Carbonstop was entrusted by Shenzhen Emission Exchange (CEEX) to develop their Greenmeeting Wechat platform. This development will realize Greenmeeting basic functions like online registration, meeting info and schedule demonstration, carbon emissions calculation, and adds new functions like providing variable emission reduction projects (except for carbon credits originates from tree-planting) for user selection to realize carbon neutrality. This new function perfectly agrees with the business of CEEX, and it may potentially promote the development of more emission reduction projects and thus contribute to national emission control career.

Wen’gang writing brush carbon footprint accounting

Date: 2017-08-01
Key word :Wen’gang writing brush

Jiangxi Wen’gang Town is known as “town of brush”. Its brush is traditionally handmade which will save production carbon emissions from machine running. The production of brush head is totally replaced by labor. Machine making is merely applied for brush shaft production to complete lettering. Therefore, the whole production process of one brush has lower emissions compared to other types of brush making.

Carbonstop won the bid for the Airport Carbon Emission Management System Development Project of China Airport Construction Group Corporation

Date: 2017-11-20
Key word :

In November 2017, Carbonstop won the bid for the carbon emission management system development project of China Airport Construction Group Corporation, which developed a greenhouse gas management platform for the airport industry to help them complete the quantification and management of greenhouse gas emissions within the boundary, and prepare for the pressure on domestic carbon trading, and at the same time for international aviation carbon tax and airport carbon emission certification.

Carbonstop Provided Carbon Emission Management Platform Development and Carbon Management Advisory Services for Etuoke Economic Development Zone

Date: 2017-11-24
Key word :Etuoke Economic Development Zone Date: 2017-11-24

In November 2017, Carbonstop developed the carbon emission management service platform for the Etuoke Economic Development Zone Development Park, achieving three major functions of energy management, low-carbon management and low-carbon information demonstration. The platform will help to achieve information, finance and carbon assets management services for the Zone. It benefits low-carbon development of the park, and helps the park enterprises to actively participate in the international and domestic carbon trading market and strengthen the development of low-carbon finance in the park. At the same time, Carbonstop helped the park to complete the 2016 annual greenhouse gas emission inventory and project annual emission reduction accounting, help the park to find out the carbon emission information, and then carry out comprehensive carbon management.

Carbonstop quantified consumer behavioral emission reductions on Jingdong platform

Date: 2017-11-29
Key word :JD

At the end of November 2017, Carbonstop helped Jingdong to quantify the emission reductions for its online shopping scenarios and consumer behavior, helping consumers understand the consumption situation throughout the year, and quantifying the resulting contribution of green charity to consumers. Consumers will realize that online shopping green products or green consumption behavior has a positive impact on the environment; consumers who use the Jingdong platform to shop can scan the following two-dimensional code to view personal annual public welfare bills, and join the Jingdong public welfare action.