Low Carbon Wedding


More and more people are becoming aware of the wastage and the environmental impact involved in the traditional wedding ceremony and are opting for low carbon weddings around the world. We highly encourage couples to save the environment by leading a low carbon life starting with the low carbon wedding. We welcome all nature-loving couples to hold their low carbon wedding in a low-carbon way which can benefit both themselves and environment.

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Wedding Invitation

Send out wedding invitation electronically to save on printed envelopes and cards.

Wedding Venue

Choose a venue with natural lighting and a naturally ventilated design to reduce energy consumption.

Select a venue with eco-facilities, such as a zero/low carbon building, or a building with green certification.

Decide on a venue easily accessible by public transport to minimize carbon emissions.

Transportation Arrangement

Arrange coaches for guests to reach the wedding venue to reduce fuel emissions by using private transportation

Encourage guests to travel to the venue by public transportation or even on foot if possible

Venue Decoration

Make sure of "up-cycling" to decorate the venue, for example by transforming unwanted or recycled materials into attractive original decor, where possible.

Use various fruits as weeding decor, which can be consumed after wedding ceremony or taken home by guests as a gift without wastage.

Wedding Gown and Tuxedo

Choose a wedding gown and tuxedo with fewer layers and open-collar style which can make the bride and groom feel more comfortable and thus avoid additional air-conditioning.

Rent instead of buying a wedding gown and a tuxedo in order to avoid wastage.


Choose local and organic food to reduce carbon emissions.

Avoid shark fins and endangered food items or ingredients which are no environmental friendly.

Avoid ordering excessive food to reduce waste.

Encourage guests to take the leftovers home, or plan ahead to donate the excessive food to a charity organization.

Instead of beverages such as beer and soft drink, serve natural fruit juices which involve less manufacturing process and are healthier.

Prove reusable cutlery and cups.

Wedding Photo Shooting

Circulate wedding photos electronically instead of printing to reduce the consumption of paper and ink.

New Home/Furniture/Electrical Applicances.


Shanghai eco-wedding

"Carbon natural wedding" of China and Finland

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