Carbonstop provided consulting service for Alibaba Cainiao Logistics

  • Date: 2019-10-08

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Recently, Alibaba Cainiao Logistics launched "green logistics indicator system" project to promote low-carbon development of logistics industry. Cainiao invited Carbonstop to calculate carbon emission reductions of a dozen of scenario, including electronic bills, carton reuse, encasement algorithm, green logistic park and so on. In addition, Carbonstop drafted the green logistics indicator system.

Rapid development of e-commerce promotes increase of logistics industry. More delivery packages and longer transportation leads to higher carbon emissions. Cainiao is the long-term leader and pioneer of green logistics and sustainable development of logistics. For example, green package, green recycle, green city and green forest. This co-operation aims to quantify their contribution in green actions and let the consumers know what they can contribute.

The low-carbon scenarios mainly includes reducing package, low-carbon material, increase recycling time and use clean energy. Every aspect is closely linked to Cainiao's business.