Carbonstop helped Hangzhou Marathon achieve carbon neutral

  • Date: 2019-11-10

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3 November 2019, hangzhou marathon ended successfully. This activity was hosted by Athletic Association, Hangzhou Municipal Government and Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province. Carbonstop calculated the carbon emissions of the activity and help it achieve carbon neutral.

In 2019, the Hangzhou Marathon Organizing Committee adheres to the "green and low-carbon" concept of running competitions, and jointly organizes the implementation of the "2019 Hangzhou Marathon Ant Forest Carbon Neutral Public Welfare Project". A total of 300,000 donations from 113 green public welfare players and Ali Sports donated a total of 300,000 yuan to plant "2019 Hangzhou Marathon Ant Forest Carbon Neutral Forest", and "Hangzhou Marathon Forest" will be planted in Handan City, Taihang Mountain Region, Hebei Province. The picture shows Secretary-General Liu Jiashun awarded the carbon neutral certificate and the plaque of the carbon neutral event to the organizers.