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Luhui Yan was invited to YGT Talk

  • Date: 2020-05-25
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23 May 2020, 5th YGT Talk live started. Chen Xin from SBCVC presented the topic about corporations’  and opportunities under the risks. Luhui Yan from Carbonstop and  Li Xia from Chengxinnuo join in the roundtable discussion. This event was jointly hosted by SBCVC、GREENROOT DEVELOPMENT, DBS, DBS Foundation, RESTONE CAPITAL.

Luhui's speak mainly focused on the current challenges under COVID-19. Project extension, Budget adjustment and possibly cancellation  and work from home were all the challenges we faced. Carbonstop's solution included: 1. update on every week meeting; 2. fight the difficulty with optimistic mind; 3. strategic adjustment: more time and work for basis: database collection and basic development.

The unexpected pandemic has negative influence on many enterprises, change the challenge into opportunities and adjustment in time will alleviate the situation.